Mummy (2017) – Teaser

The Mummy starring Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Annabelle Wallis, and Sophia Boutella. Directed by Alex Kurtzman and written by Christopher McQuarrie & Jon Spaihts. Out in 2017.

Hagood’s Thoughts:

On first viewing, Saul and I were both skeptical of this movie’s motives. As with most remakes, I assumed Universal Pictures, K/O Paper Products, and the Sean Daniel Co. created this movie with the intent to manipulate our love of ancient Egypt and mummies to raid our wallets. However, now, upon learning that Mr. McQuarrie (writer of Edge of Tomorrow The Usual Suspects) and Jon Spaihts (writer of Prometheus Dr. Strange) are penning the script, I have more hope. I know this puts Saul in a quandary because he hates Strange but loves Prometheus. I’ll hold my breath for this one and pray it does better than Brendan Frasier’s mediocre trilogy.

Saul’s Thoughts:

The first thing that surprised me about this reboot is that is not a period piece. The prior Mummy trilogy have all been set in the first of half the 20th century, while this reboot is firmly modern,

I enjoyed the Mummy trilogy growing up because the period setting had the same sense of adventure and exploration as another great series, Indiana Jones.

Hopefully this reboot does not replace periodic allure with ‘Bayhem’, the technique created by Michael Bay where films revolve around explosions and the demolition of cities. Unfortunately that does seem likely as the Mummy in question is destroying a city area at the end of the trailer.

Update: The first full trailer for The Mummy has been released.

Hopefully, Annabelle Wallis, of principal renown for her role in Peaky Blinders as Thomas Shelby’s love interest, will get some decent screen time. It is clear that she will be playing the love interest in this film, as Tom Cruise sacrifices himself to save her in the trailer.

The switch between male and female for the Mummy this time round is an interesting choice. I wonder if there is any reason for the switch, besides distinguishing the upcoming film from the prior series.

The morgue scene in which the plane crash victims are wrapped in plastic imitates how mummies were wrapped in linen prior to burial. Tom Cruise bursts from his body bag, which is a hint that he may be linked to an artefact or the villain somehow, and hence his survival.

The military convoy in both the teaser trailer and the first full trailer, coupled with the seeming damage to central London means that ‘Bayhem’ is confirmed.

I assume that the presence of the U.S military in discovering the new Mummy is part of some sub-plot to create bio-weapons.

Russell Crowe  will either be an ally to Cruise and Wallis, or a Government agent who joins the Mummy in her quest to outperform Loki, the decepticons, Bane, and all your other villainous pals, in destroying urban architecture.


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